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About PowerCorner


Become a leading energy service company unlocking the economic and social development potential of rural areas.


Provide affordable, reliable and sustainable energy-services for rural populations through smart minigrids.


What we do

Value proposition

PowerCorner offers reliable, sustainable and affordable energy services through off-grid mini-grids serving rural customers in developing countries. PowerCorner is an internal start-up of ENGIE Group with a long-term service engagement towards its customers. The primary focus of PowerCorner is to support income generating activities thereby sustainably improving the living conditions of its customers.

Innovative solution

PowerCorner combines solar energy, mobile money, pre-paid smart meters, modular design, efficient appliances and social engagement to offer a compelling service to its customers

How it works


The team


Ketumbeine is the first village electrified by PowerCorner. Located in Northern Tanzania, in Longido District, its 16 kWp containerized production unit can power 120 houses and businesses. Since its installation, 24/7 electricity and fresh drinks became the standard in that village 50 km away from the grid. At the heart of PowerCorner mission, the next step is to connect most of the productive machines by replacing old fuel-powered machines (milling, grinding, welding, water pumping, …) by efficient electric new ones.

Ketumbeine’s case demonstrates that decentralised, clean and reliable energy is now a viable option in remote rural areas.